13 de set de 2006


Fashion designers join International Anti-Fur Coalition to declare: "FUR OUT" !
Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The International Anti-Fur Coalition encourages fashion designers to take a stand against animal cruelty with a series of simultaneous press conferences. Top designers from various countries will be sending a message of compassion and humanity. The world of fashion is less and less interested in the horrendous slaughter that have been and still are perpetrated in its name. Our point is that the Fashion World should be the one to declare a "War on fur".A song is launched on this occasion to expose the pain, suffering and killings in the name of the fashion fur industry. It will give voices to the millions of helpless innocent animals living in torture, only to end up being skinned alive for fashion !
To listen to the song, please click below:

"Skinned alive"

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