27 de jul de 2006

Rio de Janeiro to Vote on Animal Research Ban
City Counselor Claudio Cavalcanti has introduced an historic bill in Rio de Janeiro that could make animal experimentation illegal within the Brazilian city. Please "Take Action" to urge members of the Rio de Janeiro City Council to support this precedent-setting animal rights measure. Also tell a friend about this issue to spread the word and donate to IDA so that we can continue our important work for animals.

Animal experimentation is both cruel to its non-human victims and ineffective in finding treatments and cures for human diseases. Animals are forced to endure inconceivable tortures in the name of medicine, yet the actual results of this research often lead to false conclusions.
Meanwhile, much progress is being made in the search for humane and cost-effective research methods that yield results far more applicable to humans. Money that is now used to fund cruel animal experiments could be better invested in technologies such as in vitro analysis, cell imaging, epidemiology, computer simulators, videos and mathematical modeling, genetic and protein analysis, clinical research, human brain mapping technologies, autopsy/biopsy studies and advanced MRI imaging.
Please help end the suffering of animals and advance scientific knowledge by supporting Councilman Cavalcanti's important bill.
Thank you.

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